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Fully customisable with choice of colour covers and even coloured inside pages. Choose your suitable ruling for the inside pages or request your own custom content such as school ethos or learning material (e.g. times tables, periodic table).


Front Cover Logo or Image:
Front Cover Text To Be Displayed:
Inside Cover Document, Logo or Image:
Front & Inside Cover Description & Instructions:
Upload Custom Ruling:
Size: *
A4 (297 x 210mm)
A4+ (320x220mm)
9 x 7 (230 x 178mm)
A5 (210 x 148mm)
A6 (148 x 105mm)
8 x 6.5 (203 x 165mm)
8 x 6 (200 x 150mm)
8 x 5 (203 x 125mm)
8 x 4.5 (203 x 115mm)
6.5 x 4 (165 x 102mm)
6.25 x 4 (160 x 102mm)
6.25 x 8 (160 x 200mm)
5.25 x 6.5 (135 x 165mm)
Page Count: *
32 Pages
48 Pages
64 Pages
80 Pages
96 Pages
Ruling - All rulings are greyscale, custom coloured rulings may incur additional charges.: *
Ruled 8mm & Margin & Plain Alternate
Custom Ruling
Graph 1:5:10
Graph 1:5:10 & 8mm Ruled Alternate
Graph 2:10:20
Graph 2:10:20 & 8mm Ruled Alternate
Music Staves
Music Staves & 8mm Ruled
Plain Unruled
Ruled 10mm
Ruled 10mm & Margin
Ruled 10mm & Plain Alternate
Ruled 12mm
Ruled 12mm & Margin
Ruled 12mm Bottom & Top Half Unruled
Ruled 12mm Plain Alternate
Ruled 13mm Bottom & Top Half Unruled
Ruled 15mm
Ruled 15mm & Margin
Ruled 15mm Bottom & Top Half Unruled
Ruled 15mm Plain Alternate
Ruled 20mm
Ruled 20mm Bottom & Top Half Unruled
Ruled 20mm Plain Alternate
Ruled 8mm & Margin
Ruled 4mm In 15mm Handwriting
Ruled 6mm
Ruled 6mm & Margin
Ruled 6mm & Plain Alternate
Ruled 6mm In 20mm Handwriting
Ruled 8mm
Ruled 8mm & Plain Alternate
Ruled 8mm Bottom & Top Half Unruled
Ruled 8mm Centre & Margin
Ruled 8mm Inside 20mm Dash Handwriting
Squared 10mm
Squared 20mm
Squared 5mm
Squared 7mm
Cover Colour: *
Light Green Cover | PMD Apple Green PMDAGS124-1
Green Cover | Trophee Billiard Green TBGS221-1
Dark Green Cover | PMD Forest Green PMDFGS124-1
Light Blue Cover | PMD Pale Turquoise PMDPTS124-1
Dark Blue Cover | PMD Ocean Blue PMDOBS124-1
Navy Cover | PMD Navy PMDNS124-1
Light Yellow | Trophee Canary TCS221-1
Yellow Cover | PMD Daffodil Yellow PMDDYS124-1
Red Cover | PMD Christmas Red PMDCRS124-1
Maroon Cover | PMD Maroon PMDMS124-1
Brown Cover | PMD Mocha Brown PMDBNS124-1
Pink Cover | PMD Baby Pink PMDBPS124-1
Purple Cover | PMD Dark Violet PMDDVS124-1
Orange Cover | PMD Mandarin Orange PMDMOS124-1
Grey Cover | PMD Slate Grey PMDGYS124-1
Ivory Cover | PMD Ivory PMDISS125-1
Buff Cover | PMD Buff 260 PMDBFS126-1
White Cover | SRA3 Satin 250gsm EXP250S3SFSC-1
Page Tints: *
White - No Tint
Cream Tint
Blue Tint
Pink Tint
Green Tint
Lilac Tint
Full Colour Printing - Any white ink on the cover will need to be printed full colour: *
Printed Greyscale
Full Colour Cover
Laminated: *

Customise your exercise books to the needs of your school using our bespoke options or if our website does not fulfil the needs of your school please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01539 726161.

Although our website may not deliver the exercise book you need our bespoke exercise book team will be able to provide you with the solution you're looking for.

Select the size of your book or select custom and give us your required dimensions. Choose from a wide range of ruling s or upload your own ruling to be printed on the pages of your book. Choose the number of pages you would like in the book. If you would like teacher comment boxes at the bottom of each page so you can offer feedback to your pupils we can do that for you! Just select the option in the teacher comments drop down.

We offer a number of colour covers and this is ever growing, if you require a certain cover colour give us a call and we can see if we have the colour you're looking for.

Your inner pages can be printed on standard white paper or if you need coloured paper for students with special needs we can provide this in pastel pink, blue, green, lilac and cream.

Once you have made a decision on the book you wish to order you can now personalise it to your school's needs. Enter any text you would like to be displayed on the front cover of your book. Upload a file (image, logo etc.) to be printed onto any of the covers we offer. We can print the cover in full colour or in grey scale.

Then you might want print information inside the front cover of your book (school rules, mission statement etc). If this is the case simply upload a document, image or PDF and we will print this on the inside cover for you. All our covers can be laminated for extra durability and shine. Once printed our books stand out with a strong and square back spine. Once we have your specifications we will provide you with a proof that will be sent to your account email address for confirmation.

Please provide us with clear imagery, documents and rulings that are large enough to be printed on the chosen book, if the images provided are blurry they will come out blurry once printed. Don't panic, this is why we send you a proof, so we can iron out any issues before we manufacture your books.

On confirmation of your proof, we will manufacture your exercise books and have them delivered. Delivery time is normally 2-3 weeks, however, times may vary in between June-September. If you need your exercise books urgently we offer an express service for an added fee of 15.00 (ex VAT) per box and we will have your books printed and shipped in approximately 1 week.


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