Black & White Paper & Card

Our range of black and white paper and card is ideal for a variety of educational and creative projects, available in sizes from A6 to SRA2 and thicknesses from 230 microns to 750 microns. Perfect for drawing, crafting, and various classroom activities, our selection includes versatile paper and card options, drawing cartridge paper, and white sugar paper to meet all your school's needs.

Our black and white paper and card are designed to provide a sturdy and reliable surface for writing, drawing, and crafting. The variety of sizes and thicknesses ensures that you can find the perfect option for any project, from detailed illustrations to robust constructions. The drawing cartridge paper offers a high-quality, smooth surface ideal for pencil, ink, and charcoal drawings, allowing students to produce their best work with confidence.

White sugar paper is a staple in any classroom, providing a cost-effective and versatile medium for a wide range of art and craft activities. Its slightly rough texture makes it suitable for various artistic techniques, from crayon and pastel work to collages and cut-outs.

Our black and white card is perfect for more durable projects, such as model making, mounting artwork, and creating displays. The high-quality material ensures that it maintains its shape and integrity, even with extensive handling and use.

By incorporating our black and white paper and card into your school's supplies, you can enhance your students' creative experience and provide them with the materials they need to succeed. Browse our collection and find the perfect options to meet your school's requirements today.