RHINO A4 Refill Pad 80 Leaf, B (Pack 10)

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This is where words weren’t always the best way.
When the ideas are flowing, the paper shouldn’t hold them back. This Rhino A4 Refill Pad is 160 blank pages just waiting for free-flowing thoughts, important notes, and visual reminders. There’s always more to learn and, here, there’s always more space to do it.
And with education-standard paper, every word and sketch is just as clear and legible on both sides of the sheet.
  • The size you’d expect. We considered octagonal paper to spice things up, but in the end stuck to A4 sheets (297 x 210mm approx.)
  • A no-fuss refill – no clever cover or unusual detail. Not even rules and lines to follow. Just 160 pages of absolutely blank paper. We’ll leave the clever stuff to you.
  • Intelligently intelligible – our premium matte paper guarantees exceptional readability
  • Quick and neat tear-out with a simple tape binding along the side and 2 pre-punched holes for easy filing
  • Help Save the Rhino with our regular donations to the UK charity – over £100,000 since 2006
  • From the team at RHINO, the leading brand for education stationery
  • 100% recyclable
  • Printed using solvent-free, water-based inks
  • Paper sourced from sustainable European forests
  • Made in EU

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